viernes, 6 de marzo de 2015


Hermosas ideas para decorar tu habitacion (dormitorio) y es muy importante tener una decoracion que realmente te guste porque es donde vas a descansar y que mejor estar rodeada de cosas que te gusten, aqui les dejo una galeria de fotos para que se animen a escoger alguna he imitar la decoracion que mejor les vaya.

Master bedroom decor, you don't need a lot of money to know how to decorate. Choose photos of what you like and make a composite for you space. Take you time to look for pieces you can buy, paint, build or repurpose.
Master Bedroom Decor
Love Gives Us A Fairytale  Vinyl Wall Decal Quote by FleurishWalls, $29.95
Master Bedroom Decor Ideas...    I always thought it was normal to have a his and hers bedroom... Little did I know... blame it on the classic stories I have read. ESP from the Georgian and Victorian period.
The Pottery Barn Gallery frames hung from their hooks look so great. Modern, layered and simple.  Love the pendant and pillow too!!
Monogram frame above bed ... love this! Also, love that the bedroom set up is not so feminine. Something a man would feel comfortable in, too.